One thing that will never fade away in this world is the love for good food. Indian food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world and the demand for Indian snacks, sweets and beverages is constantly on the rise. Bikanervala is a premium brand of Indian traditional sweets, snacks and beverages. The brand is a trusted name in the Indian food and beverage industry with countless years of experience in the packaged food industry. Known for their quality and traditional taste, Bikanervala products also include Indian foods such as chats, South Indian and North Indian cuisine and much more. The Bikanervala restaurant offers fine dining and has an extensive palate of Indian sweets and snacks to satiate your culinary desires.

At Bikanervala, there is something for everyone. The restaurant not only offers traditional Indian cuisine but also includes crowd favorites such as Chinese cuisine, non-traditional desserts, shakes as well as snacks such as grilled sandwiches and cheese burgers. From sweets to snacks to chats to beverages, everything at Bikanervala are made using 100% natural ingredients to ensure delicious and fresh products. There is no compromise on taste or quality when it comes to the products of Bikanervala.

Bikanervala is making its presence felt overseas as well as more and more people across the world are looking for Indian food that is hygienically prepared and maintains its traditional tastes. Bikanervala offers a variety of sweets from all over India such as Kaju Sweets, Khoya Sweets, Bengali Sweets, Ghee Sweets, Laddu Sweets and more. In savory items, Bikanervala has lip-smacking traditional chats that balance the sweet and sour to perfection. Chats such as Panipuri, Papdi Chaat, Bhel Puri, Matar Kulcha and many more are offered at Bikanervala restaurants.

The food and beverage industry is thriving all across the world and there are a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors looking to venture into the market. Bikanervala is offering franchisee opportunities for its restaurants to interested people who would take forward the name of the brand and spread the goodness of Indian food all over. As an already established brand that is trusted across the world, Bikanervala is eager to work with interested parties to spread its wings even more.

As a Bikanervala franchisee, you can get great opportunities in the Food and Beverage industry with options like bulk order and delivery of sweets for weddings and other special occasions.

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