Indian sweets and desserts, also known as Mithai in the sub-continent, are a significant part of the Indian culinary arts. Most Indian sweets are fried foods made from a combination of sugar, flour and condensed milk, with toppings of almonds, pistachios, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, cashew nuts, and gold or silver leaf.

Since time immemorial, the Indian sub-continent has been devouring Gulab Jamuns, Jalebis, Kaju Katlis, and Barfis out of customary habit after every meal. Festivals and auspicious occasions dial-up our love for these sweet delicacies even more. Sweet shops are lined with people from all walks of life during the festive season while the traditional Indian sweet makers, known as Halwais, work overtime to fulfil the demand.

Apart from their habitual and festive consumption, Indian sweets also have a sentimental value for the peoples of the sub-continent. Fond memories of childhood are often reiterated with the mention of sweets and their delicate influence. These influences find mention in the Indian literature as well. The story books are full of tales of regaling visits to one’s grandparents’ home and the jars full of Indian sweets and candies that awaited there.

Famous Indian Sweets in Delhi NCR

Being the national capital, Delhi is a heady mix of cultures from all over India. Nevertheless, the influence of northern Indian traditions and cuisines on the city is undeniable. People of Delhi NCR love to eat spicy food and top it off with the sweetest of Indian desserts. The love for food here is such that you will find a food vendor at every turn in the city.

Kheer Cham Chams, Gulab Jamuns, Rasgullahs, Besan Chakkis, and Mewa Barfis are some of Indian sweets that Delhiites love the most. The Moong Dal Halwa is another delicacies which is preferred for its warming taaseer (effects) during the chilly winters.

However, due to their milk-based recipes, Indian sweets have a very limited shelf-life. Which means that the quality of the ingredients, storage and packaging has to be spot-on to keep them from spoiling. That is the reason why you should buy your sweets from a well-known sweet maker.

The Bikanervala Sweets Shop in Delhi is one such place where you can buy the choicest of Indian sweets and namkeens without having to worry about the quality. The brand represents an ancient tradition of Indian sweets that comes from a city in western India, Bikaner. The erstwhile princely state has been known world over for its culinary arts since centuries past and Bikanervala began its journey as sweets shop in Delhi started by two expert Halwais from Bikaner.

Today, Bikanervala is one of the pioneer Indian sweet makers in the country. With a history that dates back more than 50 years, the brand has witnessed the evolution of Indian sweets and more than that, the evolution of Indian psyche. These rare insights have helped Bikanervala in always creating a unique experience for sweet buyers, no matter the era. Keeping up with the times, Bikanervala now has an online sweet shop as well, to enhance the customer experience in larger cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Buy Sweets Online in Delhi NCR

Hectic city life makes it hard to take out time for shopping and other household chores for metro city dwellers. The advent of e-commerce has eased the weekend woes for many, however, people are still apprehensive while buying something perishable, like sweets, fruits, vegetables etc. from an online seller. The most common reason for this is the lack of trust in the seller, because e-commerce sites are only a platform where very many sellers can register to sell wares and hence quality-checks are not always guaranteed.

To ease the troubles of an urban Indian sweets lover, Bikanervala has launched an online sweets shop in India. You can now buy sweets online in Delhi NCR and other metro city centres by simply visiting the Bikanervala sweets shop website and placing your order.

Your order goes to the nearest Bikanervala restaurant or sweets outlet and is promptly delivered within 1-2 hours by our delivery agents. You can also order sweets online for your loved ones and we will surprise them with a customised sweets hamper chosen by you.

As always, with Bikanervala you can rest assured of the quality of sweets and their packaging. So what are you waiting for? Visit us at to place your first of many orders now.