We love winters for the coziness and comfort they evoke, as opposed to the oppressing and hot summers. Sure, we have to give up our favourite lemonades and mojitos during winters, but winters do bring savoury delights of their own to keep our taste-buds tweeting.

One of the most popular winter sweets is Gajjak. Everyone has savoured these small candies made of sesame seeds and jaggery while growing up. These dry sweets come in many forms and flavours, making Gajjaks and Rewdis the perfect tea accompaniments during winters.

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Here are the various types of Gajjaks and Rewdis you can buy with our Winter Delight packs.


Rewdis are small candy like dry sweets available in several varieties, the most popular being white and brown. The white rewdis are generally flavoured with an essence of screw pine (kewda) to give them a savoury aroma and flavour.

Til Gajjak

These are also made in different shapes, sizes and flavours. Til Gajjak is available as very thin layer made of sugar and sesame seeds, often flavoured with an essence. Another popular type of Til Gajjak is the one made with jaggery, available as thin little slabs called Chikis in Hindi.

Mungfali Gajjak

The most popular of them all and widely available variety of Gajjak, the Mungfali Gajjaks are made with peanuts and jaggery. These are also available as small or large Chikis.

Gajjaks are perfect for setting the mood for your winter bonfire sessions or taking along as a snack when on a wintery road trip. So, what are you waiting for, place your order for Gajjaks online now through Bikanervala online sweets ordering in India. – Click Here