Corporate Journey

Traditional taste that goes back several generations, recipes that have been handed down as precious family heirlooms from one generation to another, a definitive will to bring good taste to a larger audience and an almost missionary zeal to create an everlasting imprint; the Bikanervala Group saga has the right admixture of all these in equal parts.

Fifty years ago, two intrepid sweet makers made the journey from their home town Bikaner to India’s bustling capital city. They brought with them secrets of sweet making and an enthusiasm to present a very different culinary experience to the people who till now were exposed to very different kind of savories. Started small with a shop in Old Delhi’s Moti Bazaar. Soon, their unique taste of the Bhujiya and Moong Ki Daal ka Halwa found many discerning patrons.

Their reputation spread like the effusive aroma of their delectable creations and slowly but surely grew into a brand name -Bikanervala, easily recalled and referred for every celebration or even a quick, satisfying snack.

The main ingredient of their success was the untiring work ethic and unwavering commitment to quality that the family blended so well with their traditional forte. In its own little way, Bikanervala Group has contributed to the culinary history of Delhi. Around thirty two years ago, they introduced the city to its first, delectable taste of Kaju ki Barfi – a sweet that is almost de rigueur for every celebration now.


Further transforming the traditional heritage of Indian taste to Modernized India’s processed food, Bikanervala Group began the revolution and started manufacturing packaged food with International standards and expectation under the brand “Bikano”

From Bikaner to the hearts and minds of people across India and the world, it has been a heart warming journey for Bikanervala Group and its two renowned brands Bikanervala & Bikano. A sweet smell of success that will envelope many more in its fold, in times to come.